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Introducing our seasonally fresh Winter Blend

Creating a coffee blend for specific occasions is a joy. At times we develop blends for brewing methods such as a filter coffee, espresso and for others it may be to pair with a certain foods or season.
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Building a coffee for winter is one of the most compelling tasks since the festive season evokes such sensorial memories. From the chill in the air, to the smell of a fire in the hearth, there are so many celebratory times that come to mind.

In developing this year’s Winter Blend, we looked to the most premium seasonal coffees around the globe. Working directly with our coffee farming partners, we tasted many samples and created dozens of versions before landing on the perfect coffee for the winter season. The perfect seasonal blend? Quite possibly. 

To create the unique flavour we were after, we selected three different coffees, each with three different processing techniques to create a blend. El Salvador, Honduras and Ethiopia are the origins that make up this complex coffee.  

Different coffee processing for one exquisite flavour 

The Ethiopian coffee is a ‘natural processed’ coffee meaning the coffee cherry is dried on the seed imparting deep cherry and fruit character.  You can read more detail on coffee processing on our other blog ‘Why Is Coffee Processing Important?

The El Salvador is a ‘honey processed’ coffee. After harvest the cherry is removed, but the mucilage or honey is left on the coffee seed to dry, hence the term “honey processed”. This coffee is sweet, like caramelized almonds.

Finally, the Honduras coffee is a ‘fully washed process’.  Red ripe cherries are harvested, pulped and then immediately washed and fermented removing the cherry and honey from the seed. This gives the coffee a clean and juicy profile with a hint of candied orange. 

The result: a coffee that perfectly pairs in a cortado, espresso or in a latte (we particularly like it in our seasonal Panettone latte). A coffee with flavors of plum, praline, candied orange and a hint of spice. We hope to help you create more festive memories and moments with this special blend.

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