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Kiara Chettri - Artist of the Month

Our artist of the month in November is one of India’s youngest Grammy Submitted artists and a 20-year-old high school graduate.
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Kiara Chettri, is a newcomer to Caffè Nero but very well known in India. She recently also made history as the first ever/youngest Indian solo artist to hit top spots (No.1 & no.2) on global radio charts with her single "Why", which is also the track that got her a Grammy Submission.

Almost 3 years ago, Chart-topping singing whizz Kiara Chettri made her debut with a full-length album titled "4 am" that won the teenager significant praise and acknowledgement for her talent as a young singer-songwriter. Followed up by some successful singles she decided to move to London to go to study music and to continue her successful career in the UK.

We were very pleased to find her playing a recent London gig for Talentbanq and are delighted to be helping her get discovered in the UK!

You can hear her music every day through November in Caffè Nero for fifteen minutes at 15.30 and look out for her local gigs before she is discovered!

Find out more about Kiara here.

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