What is Cold Brew?

A unique addition to the cold coffee family, Cold Brew’s the only coffee-based beverage made without shots of espresso.

This cool, refreshing drink is steeped for 18-20-hours in purified, room-temperature water.

The slow, gentle process of cold brewing produces a distinctly refined coffee. It extracts the natural, sweeter flavours of the coffee bean, and the process can even be tailored to suit your desired strength. So, it’s very much a bespoke beverage.

How do you serve it?

Cold brew is delicious when teamed with ice, a little milk, or simply enjoyed cold from the fridge.

What’s more, it’s easy to prepare at home, although patience is an important ingredient.

How is Cold Brew different from other cold coffees?

The main differences are: heat and time.

With cold brew, the process uses time instead of heat. To cold-brew, ground coffee is steeped in filtered, room-temperature water for between 18 and 24 hours, and then strained.

Regular iced coffee, meanwhile, is simply hot brewed coffee that has been cooled down and poured over ice. There’s no need to plan ahead here.

Who will like it?

Aficionados love Cold Brew because of its rich, smooth taste and low acidity.

And although the process requires planning in advance, it has the advantage of not requiring heat or electricity. This means it will appeal to anyone who cares about their green credentials.

To make cold brew at home, all that’s needed is a Toddy Cold Brewing System, a measuring jug, water and ground coffee.

So, with the days getting longer and the weather (hopefully) a little warmer, what better time to enjoy a refreshing cold brew?

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