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International Barista of the Year 2017

Seven baristas from different territories had 15 minutes to make 12 drinks and impress the judges in our International Barista of the Year competition.

An electrifying atmosphere lit up our St Giles store in London as baristas representing seven territories took centre stage.

Our International Barista of the Year finalists had 15 minutes to make a series of drinks which would set them apart from the competition.

  • 4 espressos – at the heart of everything we do
  • 4 Cortados – the newest addition to our collection
  • 4 signature drinks – a concoction designed by each barista

This was the final challenge in a series which began earlier this year, with a nominated barista from each store competing for the top title in their Area. The champions would continue on to regional finals before competing in the international competition, where they were met by a vocal and supportive crowd.

The result was an explosion of creativity and flavors, with coffee the hero.

Our finalists and their signature drinks

Constantina represented Cyprus with her signature drink ‘Cohini’, a mixture of espresso, tahini sauce, roasted hazelnut syrup, chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings.

Andrzej brought the ‘Polish summer’ as his signature drink for Poland. Combining espresso, tropical forest tea, honey, raspberry puree, ice cubes and lime.

Inspired by British theatre and her love for coffee, Laura’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ served her country well. Ristretto shots, whole milk, rose water, Iranian rosebuds and cardamon pods combined to make a floral infused coffee.

The USA was well represented by Karissa and her ‘Campfire on Ice’ made with brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to mimic the marshmallow. A double ristretto is poured over the top with milk chocolate ice cubes and milk infused with Graham Crackers.

Michal’s drink of choice was a nod to Ireland’s famous export Guinness, called ‘Just the Right Tonic’. Made with our signature espresso and honey which is then balanced with lime, mint and tonic water.

Representing Turkey with her signature drink ‘Caffe Atomico’, Özlem combined hand-picked peach and raspberry boiled with honey and espresso for a fusion that paid tribute to her homeland and our unique blend.

Our International Barista of the Year – Kshitiz, UAE

Kshitiz (pronounced ‘shi-teez’) is originally from Nepal and now lives in Abu Dhabi with his father. He started working in our Cleveland Clinic store in 2016 and is known for his latte art – in particular tulips.

Kshitiz signature drink prepared on the night to impress our judges is called ‘Rossoccino’. The indulgent concoction combines flavors from his favorite creamy cappuccino and succulent red velvet cake – this perfect blend of smooth and sweet saw him crowned our International Barista of the Year.


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