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Your brewing guide for Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoy Cold Brew enjoyed over ice, with a little milk, or cold from the fridge with our easy-to-follow brew guide.

Cold brew extracts the natural, sweeter flavours of the coffee bean and can be adjusted for a stronger concentrate to suit your preference.

Ground coffee is steeped in filtered, room-temperature water for a long period of time – 18 to 24hrs – and can be enjoyed over ice, with a little milk, or cold from the fridge. Be sure not to ‘over-steep’ as your concentrate will be too bitter.

To make cold brew at home, follow our quick guide:

Three Extra Top Tips:

  • Keep your grind coarse. If it’s too fine, it’ll ‘over-extract’ and leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  • Borrow an extra hand to hold the toddy while you remove the stopper – it makes for much neater work.
  • Pour into lollipop moulds in the summer and pop in the freezer for an iced coffee treat.

For other methods, visit our Brewing Guides now for quick and easy video tutorials, and be sure to have a read of our Top Tips for Brewing Coffee at Home to be fully prepared for making great coffee.

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