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We’re donating 20p from every Iced Coffee as part of UK Coffee Week to support the Nero Foundation’s School Project in Nicaragua.

As part of UK Coffee Week – a nationwide celebration of coffee that also raises funds for coffee growing communities – we’re donating 20p from every Iced Coffee sold to support the Nero Foundation.

Donations made between 29 April – 5 May will support our School Project in Nicaragua.

School Project

For every classroom built in Nicaragua, the local ministry of education will provide a teacher.

In 2017, we started out on a 2 year journey to develop the school of Lazaro Talavera, La Esmeralda – where we source coffee from 71 farmers.

At the time, the school only had 2 teachers for 132 students. The 2 teachers taught a mix of classes across 6 grades.

So far we have raised, over £55,000 towards the School Project – enough money to build a new classroom for the school. And that’s exactly what we did.

We expanded the school with an extra classroom and more importantly, another teacher.

What’s next

Once we’ve finished developing the primary school of Lazaro Talavera, we’ll next build a much-needed high school.

Currently kids have to walk up to 2.5 hours to reach the nearest high school, which means many don’t complete their education.

Nero Foundation

The Caffè Nero Foundation was set up in 2011 with a very simple objective – to have a positive impact in the communities that come into contact with the Nero family. Our mission is to make a positive, lasting, difference.

We not only raise money through UK Coffee Week, but a range of activities throughout the year which involve the entire Caffè Nero family.

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