The story of Don Roberto

Meet one of our farmers, Roberto Sanchez Garcia, and learn a little about his life in La Esmeralda, Nicaragua.

Don Roberto farms in Aranjuez and has been growing coffee for the last 40-years. He runs the coffee plantation with his wife, and 10-children and manages 10.5 hectares.
Not just a coffee farmer, however, he also produces small quantities of roses and bananas.

Working with CDSA since the 80’s, Don Roberto is excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and adopt new technologies. He’s gradually working towards handing over the day-to-day running of the farm to his children, so it’s important that he can equip them with the wisdom of his years of experience, as well as prepare them for modern changes as the industry adapts and responds to the coffee-loving world.

To read more about our farmers, beans, and the adventures of our agronomist and coffee expert, Giacomo Celi, visit our beans and blend page.

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