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Roasted coffee gradient
Difference between coffee roasts

Not sure whether light, medium or dark roast is the right one for you? We go through how coffee beans are roasted and the different taste profiles that make up the coffee you drink.

Lauren Ray | Artist of the Month | August

With hints of artists like Norah Jones, Alison Krauss and Sarah McLachlan, our Artist of the Month Lauren Ray’s debut album ?We Will Need Courage,? ticks all the right boxes for fans of classic singer songwriters.

Our Roasting Rituals

These are, and always have been, our roasting rituals; this is the way we do it.

Image of Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson | Artist of the Month | June

With a laid back, rootsy vibe, our Artist of the Month Dave Hanson’s seemingly effortless approach delivers sounds that are warm and familiar, but with a modern production value.