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Ristretto or espresso: the science behind a good cup of coffee

  This change in approach makes an important difference to the taste profile of the drink. A ristretto, meaning restricted, has a sweeter, richer flavour. An espresso’s more bitter. The ristretto maintains a sweeter taste thanks to a complex collection of over a thousand compounds that are responsible for the aroma of coffee. These compounds influences mouthfeel (bitterness, sweetness, sourness) which is perceived by the tongue. The ristretto’s extracted with roughly half the amount of water, meaning the shots are more concentrated with fewer total extracts. This gives a fuller shot with more body and fewer caffeine compounds, which typically account for the bitterness within an…

Bitter Sweet Espresso Tonic

A refreshingly bitter sweet alternative to iced coffee. Try our espresso tonic recipe that’s just as good to drink as it is to stare at.

Is the future of the coffee cold?

Coffee is changing. It’s no longer simply black or white, and with or without sugar. As appreciation and understanding for what makes a great cup has developed, so has the temperature.