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Rebekah Fitch | Artist of the Month | October

Rebekah Fitch is our Artist of the Month for October and can be heard playing in all Caffe Nero’s at 15.30 for 15 minutes. She is unique in that it usually takes a year for an artist to become an AoM as we build up their tracks in our database, see them play a few live shows in Caffe Nero and get to know them. However Rebekah so impressed our playlist curators that we decided to let the UK hear her every day immediately!

Grow a deeper appreciation for coffee

While a working knowledge of the coffee tree might not be essential to enjoying an espresso, there are a number of reasons why reading into its botany can heighten your coffee-drinking experience. Understanding the coffee plant can help you recognise and appreciate the diversity of flavours and varieties available, which will strive in different environments.

What is cascara?

As complex as the coffee bean, there’s still a lot we don’t know about cascara. Here’s what we do know…