How to make great espresso at home

Making great espresso is a skilled craft. Learn how, now.

Making great espresso takes more than pressing a couple of buttons; our baristas will tell you that it?s an art. Of course, a good-quality machine is important, but there?s a fine balance to be struck between man, freshly ground coffee, and technology.

Follow our quick video guide to see how to make a well-crafted espresso step-by-step:



For other methods, be sure to visit our other video tutorials on brewing coffee at home, and our top tips tick-list for great coffee. Here are three extra to ensure you?re completely covered.


For great espresso, freshly ground coffee is best. We recommend buying whole beans that have recently been roasted and only grinding to demand. Your beans will be at their best for up to three weeks from the date of roasting. Keep sealed in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Always grind what you require, when you require it as it will lose its quality within a couple of hours. Should you grind too much, store in the same sense as above, and use when you can.


For espresso, your grind should be medium fine – like fine sand – so that all the flavour and oils can be extracted at the right balance. Too coarse and it will be weak, too fine and you?ll end up with charred and over-extracted espresso. Our guide to grinding coffee will help.

Looking After Your Coffee Equipment

Keep your equipment dry and clean in between uses. It?s important to purge your machine after and before you use it, to ensure that any debris is swept away. Always wipe away any loose grinds from the basket before inserting the handle into the machine to avoid build-up.

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