Jon Allen | Artist of the Month | April

Set to release his newest and most soulful album to date, Jon Allen’s our Artist of the Month.

Winchester-born Jon Allen has a voice you don’t forget and a growing number of big name fans. None other than the legendary Mark Knopfler discovered him performing at a birthday party in Shepherd Bush in 2006.

Mark took Jon under his wing offering him a support slot on his European tour and his services as guitarist and producer.

Now, Jon’s tough and tender voice is back on his fourth and most soulful record to date. Set to be released next month, Jon’s kindly slipped us a few tracks to feature in our coffee houses as Artist of the Month.

While Jon’s previous albums Dead Man’s Suit (2009), Sweet Defeat (2011) and Deep River (2014) all contained soulful elements, Blue Flame represents his first out-and-out soul record.

Jon says of the lead single, ‘Jonah’s Whale’ is “about the blind joy of love. ‘The world maybe going down the tubes but I’m in love and everything’s fine’…that sort of idea. I guess it’s kind of a selfish emotion but, hey, it’s a great feeling.”

You can read more about Jon on his website, hear his soulful tunes in store or read more about our Artists of the Month.

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