Guildford coffee house restoration

Our Guildford High Street store has had a makeover. We’ve stripped it right back to its original features. Come on inside and have a look around.

If you take the time to look up as you wander along Guildford’s cobbled High Street, you’ll be lucky enough to find beautiful listed buildings dotted along the way. Our Guildford Caffè Nero – with a timber-framed front and a long, narrow interior, lined with exposed brick walls – is no exception.

Guildford Caffè Nero
Guildford Caffè Nero


During a recent refurbishment, we stripped it right down to the original floors. Then, when we found parts of the building’s steel frame, we decided to leave the view open, revealing the very core of this beautiful space, and the original name of the building as inscribed upon the pillars.


Guildford Caffè Nero
Guildford Caffè Nero


To make a change from mahogany, we built the bar from European Oak with a matte finish – in keeping with the rest of the interior – and lined this with single-seat booths to optimise the space.

Guildford Caffè Nero

We hope you’ll agree that by remaining sensitive to the coffee house’s original features, we’ve created a space that feels as unique as it does welcoming.

Read more about our coffee house restorations and designs.

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