Coffee roasters: meet our team

Did you know that we roast over 38,000 bags of coffee every week? That?s approximately 5,500 espressos ? to make sure every single Caffè Nero has the freshest coffee.

In our south London Roastery ? you?ll find sophisticated roasting equipment and fresh green coffee beans piled high in hessian sacks that reach to the ceiling.

Just as important as the beans, however, is the small team that gets up every day to make roasting your coffee their responsibility, their ritual and their labour of love.

Starting every morning with an espresso and a catch up, these gentlemen turn our beans into the coffee that goes into your cup.

Our Master Roasters, Gaetano and Carlos, are the heart of our team. Admired not only for their warmth and love of the trade, but you can really feel the enthusiasm and deep respect they have for their coffee. They?ve worked together for over 32 years (that?s nearly 70 years between them) which not only makes them true artisans, but also old friends.

Caffè Nero coffee roasters

Giacomo ? he?s the one looking off to the right ? is a born explorer. Like his father, he?s an agronomist and doesn?t miss a thing, which is fortunate as he has crossed the globe and back countless times in the hunt to find the best beans on the planet. He presides over the quality of our coffee from source to bag.

To the left of Giacomo is Marco ? he?s fastidious and leaves no bean unchecked. Demanding excellent quality, Marco?s the man we rely on to banish bad beans back to where they came from.

Giuseppe is a relative latecomer to the coffee industry, but us a natural teacher and he loves to train our assistants in all technical and production matters at the Roastery.

Our team?s outlook on life and their philosophy towards coffee continues to inspire us every day. If you?re a lover of coffee, stick around to find out more about the team, starting with a morning at our Roastery.

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