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Welcome To Peru, Cajamarca

This season’s single origin coffee.
Bright and fruity.

Available In-store or At Home

Tastes So Good

This is a relationship coffee sourced from small farmers in the highlands of northern Peru, Jaen district, who are members of the cooperative Sol&Cafe.

We have a direct relationship with the farmers and together with the cooperative support several initiatives to increase their income by providing funding for technical assistance, capacity building, and quality improvement.

Sol&Cafe is one of the top cooperatives in Peru in terms of quality and services provided to the more than a thousand members living in the remote highlands of the country.

Taste Wheel Taste Notes: Chocolate and Citrus
What's The Difference?

Award-winning Classico Original Blend. Our signature house blend. This is the coffee we serve you in-store.

  • A blend of beans from different origins
  • Rich, bold and complex
  • Medium dark roast, with notes of dark chocolate and caramel, for a sweet balanced flavour

Limited edition single origin coffee exclusively from our farmers in Peru. Available in-store or at home.

  • 100% Arabica beans from a single region
  • Bright and balanced, citrus fuit flavours
  • Gentle, medium roast to bring out the citrus and chocolate notes
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What Is Single Origin?

"Single Origin" is coffee produced from an individual producer, crop or region from one country, of exceptional quality.

Each season we will bring you the most interesting and distinguished single origin coffee to enjoy.

The Same, But Different

Cajamarca coffee's versatility means it offers a distinctive flavour no matter how you prefer to drink it.

Whether you're a latte lover, cappuccino, americano or espresso drinker – you’ll find this coffee deeply satisfying and a pleasure to taste.

Ask for Peru and try your usual, but different.

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