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Festive Gift Guide

Searching for gift ideas for a coffee-lover? Our gift guide features everything from stocking fillers and collector’s items, to DIY gift inspiration.

Take home coffee

Choose from ground beans or whole beans in decaf or regular. Our award-winning blend available online or in-store is the very same rich, smooth and full-bodied blend served in our coffee houses, fresh from our Roastery. Combine with our collector’s tins for a gift that lasts.

Coffee Tins

New this year, our collector’s tins are available in two unique styles. Our classic design with bronze embossed logo and a black varnished tile pattern or our limited edition festive tin with this year’s cup illustration design, available exclusively in-store.

Gino & Ginnie

Our very own Gino and Ginnie are bite-sized stocking fillers that can be found in any of our coffee houses. A soft textured gingerbread biscuit, Gino and Ginnie are vegetarian and dairy free.

Keep Cup

Made from lightweight plastic that’s unbreakable, every Keep Cup is designed to come in four parts to allow for thorough cleaning, so you get the best tasting coffee every time. The cup, lid and plug are recyclable at end of life.

Brewing equipment

Our collection of online brew guides give you the tools you need to explore the parameters of brewing great coffee at home using our award-winning blend. All the equipment used in these guides can be bought online. Whether you prefer your coffee brewed with a French Press, Moka Pot, Chemex, Hario V60 or Cold Brew.


Use our ground coffee or whole coffee beans to make a gift to remember. Personalise with gift tags and enjoy what’s left of the coffee at the end! We have guides to create a vanilla and coffee scented candle. You could also make a unique paint brush holder to show off your creative side. Because we know creativity starts with coffee.

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