Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a loyalty card?

Yes, we do. You’ll receive a stamp for each handmade drink that’s prepared by your Barista – such as coffee, iced drink, hot chocolate (it doesn’t include things like water or orange juice). When you collect nine stamps, your next handmade drink will be on us. You can choose any size, so go big!

Does Caffè Nero donate prizes for charity raffles?

At Nero, we have a programme of charity and fundraising work that focuses on supporting our store teams and their chosen charities. We find this is the most effective way we can make a difference. However, from time to time we also support charity requests from our customers – for all charity and raffle queries, please email us.

Other Enquiries

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in our FAQs, let us know what your query is about and we’ll try and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Can I transfer the stamps on my paper stamp card to the app?

Yes, you can – just ask one of our Baristas in store to upload the corresponding number of stamps on your Loyalty Card in the app. This can be actioned when you make a purchase.

How do I earn stamps?

You earn a stamp when purchasing any of our handmade drinks – anything from an Espresso or Latte to a Frappe Crème. From time to time we may also award stamps on the app for different products and promotions.

Are my card details safe?

Yes. Very. When you add your card details, they are immediately encrypted and sent to our payment provider, who then sends back a randomised token consisting of a long string of random letters and numbers (this is called tokenisation). This means none of your card details are ever stored on our servers. If anyone was ever able to access our servers, they’d find nothing of use.

We process every payment using Stripe, a secure, global payments provider. They support thousands of companies including Twitter, Virgin and The Guardian – so you’re in good hands.

For added security you can also create a four digit passcode of your choosing, meaning only you can access the app.

Do I have to link a credit or debit card to collect stamps?

No. Paying with the app is the quickest way to get your drink and collect stamps in one single scan, but we appreciate some customers may wish to pay using cash or an alternative method. To do so, simply choose the ‘Collect Stamps Only’ option from the home page of the app.

Can I transfer the balance of my Caffè Nero Gift Card to the app?

At the moment, adding Caffè Nero gift cards to the app is not available. We know our users want to link their gift cards to the app and are actively working on developing such a feature. Watch this space.

In the meantime, you can still use your Gift Card and collect stamps. To do this, use the ‘Collect Stamps Only’ option of the app.

Will I receive an additional stamp for using a reusable cup?

Yes. The Barista will add this on when you pay. Stamps are ordinarily not awarded for voucher redemptions.

Will I receive a stamp when I redeem my O2 voucher (or similar)

Check the terms and conditions of the offer, but the general rule is that we award a maximum of one stamp via the Caffè Nero app for any partner promotion involving a free coffee. This includes O2, Nectar, and Perkbox.

Please ensure you tell the barista when ordering and always scan the ‘Collect Stamps Only’ barcode in the Caffè Nero app first and then scan the O2 voucher (or similar). Stamps cannot be collected on the paper stamp card when redeeming a voucher.

My stamps haven’t appeared on the app. What do I do?

Your stamps and rewards should appear on the Loyalty Card shortly after making a purchase. You may need to reset the app for the stamp card to properly update. To reset, close the app in the background of your phone. Once this is done, please reopen the app and check your Loyalty Card.

If your stamps are still not appearing please contact

Do my stamps ever expire?

Stamps you’ve earned never expire. However, the ‘Fully Stamped Card’ reward you earn for completing a loyalty card – entitling you to a free drink – expires 18 months after you receive it.

Do I have to use my Fully Stamped Card on my next visit?

No. You can collect Fully Stamped Cards just as you can with paper cards. Save them up for when you need it most.

I’d like a Caffè Nero Gift Card. How do I get one?

Our Gift Cards are available to purchase from any of our stores, and through our online shop.

How do I register my Gift Card?

You can register your Gift Card here.

How do I top up my Gift Card?

You can top up your Gift Card at any of our stores, or online here.

Can I ‘top up’ my gift card once I have spent the initial value?

You can top up your Gift Card balance in any of our stores, or online here.

How can I check my Gift Card balance?

You can check your Gift Card balance in any of our stores, or online here.

How do I report my Gift Card as lost, stolen or damaged?

If you have your original Gift Card receipt or registered your card or if you know the card number, you can email us and we will block your lost card and transfer any remaining value onto your new card.
Unfortunately, if you haven’t any details of your card, there is sadly nothing we can do.

What is the minimum and maximum value which can be loaded onto a Caffè Nero gift card?

You can load your gift card with any amount from £1 to £200. You can do so online or you can top your card up in store.

Can I also buy a Gift Card in your stores?

Yes, you can. A variety of the original and Limited edition card designs are available in our coffee houses. You can also buy the Caffè Nero Gift Cards from our online shop.

Can I use the gift card in all stores?

Barring any technical fault, you can use your Gift Card in most of our stores. Those not included are: Kingston Bentalls, Bracknell Bentalls, Colchester Fenwicks, Newcastle Eldon Square, Newry Quays, Surbiton stores, Leeds Trinity.

Can I pay for a purchase with part gift card payment, and part cash/credit card payment in stores?

Yes, you can. Just mention that this is what you want to do at the point of payment.

What happens if my gift card doesn’t work?

There are two reasons why your gift card may not work. Firstly, it may have expired. Alternatively, sometimes dust or a smudge on the magnetic strip can stop the till from reading the information on the card. Give the gift card a wipe and present it next time you are in store. If it fails to work please pick up a new Gift Card at the till, give us a call and we will transfer your balance straight away.

Can I get a refund back onto my gift card?

Yes, our baristas can do this for you in store.

What happens if my gift card expires?

Caffè Nero Gift Cards are usually valid for around 18 months and with every day use our cards now extend their expiry date by a few months or so. If there has been no activity on your card for 18 months or more then the card will expire and any remaining balance is eventually removed as the card is considered no longer in use.

Please refer to our dedicated help page.

I’m 16 – can I apply for a job in one of your cafés?

Unfortunately not. You need to be 18 or over to work in our coffee houses.

I’ve applied for a job but haven’t heard back yet – what should I do?

We do try to contact every applicant, but sometimes it takes us longer than it should. If you haven’t heard anything, please email our recruitment team.

I would like to work for Caffè Nero, but can’t see a suitable role. What should I do?

We’re growing, and new opportunities do become available all the time, so stay in touch and check again in a few weeks. We are always on the lookout for good people.

Is your coffee fairly traded?

We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance and get to know our farmers and cooperatives really well so we can help support their efforts to ensure high quality and sustainability.

Where does your coffee come from?

Our Coffee Master travels the globe throughout the year, seeking out the most progressive coffee farmers across Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Where can I find the nutritional and allergen information for your products?

Take a look in our Menu section, you’ll find all our nutritional and allergen information there.

Which Caffè Nero food is suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

You can find all vegetarian and vegan options in our Food Menu. The filter (on the right hand side) will help you find which products meet your dietary requirements.

What is this notice about free range?

The government has advised that all free range hens are temporarily housed for their own welfare. To ensure our customers are well informed this means that during this time, our free range egg products are temporarily classed as barn eggs.

How long will this last?

Currently this is under review. The government has put this measure in place to ensure the welfare of the hens. They will update us as soon as this measure is lifted. As soon as this happens we will remove our sign and our product will return to being free range.

Which coffee houses have disabled access?

You can find out if your nearest store has disabled access from the amenities listed on our Store Locator.

Are you able to warm up a baby bottle for me?

Some stores (but unfortunately not all) will be able to provide a warming bowl. Please ask your Barista at the bar. Unfortunately, we can’t warm up baby food as we don’t have the appropriate facilities – our microwaves are industry strength.

How can I find a Caffè Nero near me?

You can use our Store Locator to find your closest (or any) coffee house.

What are your opening hours?

All store opening times can be found through the Store Locator.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, you can reach us on
0207 520 5150