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What is a Flat White?

We delved into the craft of making a Flat White in hope of answering some of the questions you might have about this well-balanced drink.

How altitude affects the taste of coffee

One of the most influential contributing factors to a coffee’s characteristics is the altitude at which it’s grown. We take a look at why that is.

The difference between Cortado, Flat White and Macchiato

If you’re looking for a coffee with more milk than a Macchiato and more punch than a Flat White, Cortado is the one. Nicely positioned between the Macchiato and the Flat White, the Cortado is intense yet sweet. It maintains a similar mouthfeel to that of a Flat White, but it?s served in a smaller 4.5oz (130ml) glass. CORTADO: BALANCE Cortado, translated means “the cut” which refers to the milk cutting the espresso. As the drink settles, you can see the silkiness of milk and espresso combine with 0.5cm of micro-foam settling on top – it’s mesmorising to watch. One of the key…


There’s something different about our Cortado. It’s all in the detail of how we’ve recreated a classic and introduced it to our collection.

Which Coffee Is For You?

Get to know the classics in our collection so you can decide what’s best for you, and when.


Espresso is everywhere. It’s certainly the foundation of how people drink coffee in Europe, and increasingly further afield. But what actually is espresso?