Barista of the Year

Caffè Nero Barista of the Year 2017

Our annual Barista of the Year competition celebrated its 11th year with 5000 baristas from 620 stores battling for the prestigious accolade.


One of the most distinguished occasions at Caffè Nero, our annual Barista of the Year competition, celebrated its 11th year with 5000 baristas from 620 stores battling for the prestigious accolade.

Full of passion, competitive tension and complete focus on crafting the perfect coffee, we invited nine finalists to our Long Acre store in April for a final showdown.

Our Broadway-themed grand final was a colourful affair celebrating our Baristas, craftsmanship and the best coffee this side of Milan.

Meet our finalists (pictured left) as playfully illustrated by the talented Fru from our Belfast Lisburn Road store (thanks Fru).

Our finalists were judged on their ability to make the perfect latte, cappuccino and macchiato in the first round.

Then all the focus was placed on cappuccinos and single espressos in the final two rounds.

Our chief judges Craig and David (two men, not the pop star) were guardians of the title. Diligently marking Baristas on milk usage, drink presentation, quality of milk foam and all technical aspects of preparation.

Our Barista of the Year

Following a lively display of comradery and craftsmanship, Laura Macbeth from Lisburn was crowned our 11th Barista of the Year – Congratulations Laura!

A tremendous effort taking Barista of the Year honours against 5000 talented others across the nation.

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