New Store | Dioikitiria Square

Why you should visit our new store in Dioikitiria Square.

At the most stunning sunset view point in Paphos, our new store in Dioikitiria Square is now open.


We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand-new coffee shop in Dioikitiria Square. This venue brings a new look while paying homage to local tradition.

The new store has an open-air veranda where customers can enjoy a 360 views of the area and admire the most stunning sunsets. Our Dioikitiria Square store is uniquely designed with a locally handcrafted wooden bar, inspired by the surrounding historical buildings which has been created specifically for this Café. Every aspect of the store is captured perfectly, full of soft lighting and comfortable leather couches, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

All these distinct characters of the store combined with great quality coffee and freshly prepared food, makes this new location a great addition to our Nero stores.



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