Our iced drinks range

Introducing our new iced drinks – fresh flavours, less sugar and new ingredients. If you’re looking for something refreshing try our Fruit Boosters,
or our Frappe Crèmes for something sweeter.

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Frozen Milanos

A rich and indulgent treat blending molten chocolate and icy milk, finished with
whipped cream and an indulgent topping, our Frozen Milano drinks available in Crunchy Coconut,
Sticky Banana and Rich Chocolate are a speciality made just for you at the bar.

Iced Coffee

All our Iced Coffee drinks are hand-crafted with our signature espresso.
From our Classic Frappe Latte to our Classic Freddo Cappuccino,
all our Iced Coffees are made fresh for you at the bar.

Frappé Crèmes

Creamy and indulgent, our Frappe Crèmes offer an unparalleled iced treat.
Coffee & Caramel is a wonderful balance of coffee and sweetness, whilst the Chocolate and Coconut
or the Coffee and Caramel is a must-have for those with a sweeter tooth.
All handmade for you at the bar.

Fruit Boosters

Fresh and fruity, with a flavour upgrade for summer, our Fruit Boosters now also have less sugar.
Choose smooth Banana and Strawberry, zingy Strawberry and Blackcurrant or refreshing Peach.
Your barista will make it fresh for you at the bar.

Frappe Milkshakes

Our ice-cold creamy milkshakes come in a classic range of flavours – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
Our baristas can make any flavour combination for you if they have the ingredients,
so just ask at the bar. All milkshakes are freshly blended with ice by your barista.

Our Iced Teas

Our Premium Iced Teas are made with two teabags of Teahouse Exclusive tea,
first infused in hot water, and then shaken with ice.
Choose any flavour from our Teahouse Exclusive range.