An interview with the explorer

Meet Giacamo Celi – our intrepid explorer and master roaster

Our intrepid explorer and master roaster, Giacamo Celi, has worked in the coffee industry for 13-years. He?s fascinated with the importance of coffee not just as a crop but as a culture; how its history and growth has subsequently connected countries, and forged community. With his feet very much on the ground, he?s our man on a mission to bring us all closer to origin.

What?s your fondest coffee memory?
My fondest memory? Oh gosh, so many, honestly, coffee is always there? wait, I know one? that coffee I had at the hospital just after my son was born. My mother and I went to get one ?exhausted, exhilarated, quite emotional of course – I will always remember that coffee.

Why is coffee important to you?
It?s that moment in my day, a moment in my life, to stop and think, stimulated and spurred on by coffee. Coffee is the often the catalyst behind an original thought or interaction. Coffee helps my day, every day.

How do your drink your coffee?
Espresso. Always. It?s this perfect, concentrated extraction; the best of the coffee.

What does coffee mean to you?
My favourite thing about coffee is the sound of weekday mornings, every morning, Gae or Carlos will call ?Would you like a coffee?? and we all call ?YES!? back. They?re calling for coffee but really, it?s not just about the coffee, they?re calling for you; they want to share that moment with you.
Taking a coffee with someone is a way to say I love you. It?s a little declaration of love.
Coffee is meant to be social and you can?t isolate coffee from habit; they are intrinsically together. If you think of a good memory, you might recall that coffee was there. Or wine. Wine might have been there, too.

Tell us about the Roastery?
The Roastery is crucial. It?s the middleman between origin and the end of coffee?s journey, meaning we can be there from the beginning until it reaches the customer. This way, we can ensure the quality and consistency that is expected in every cup, and it?s something we?re very proud of.

How did you get into the coffee industry?
Thirteen years ago, I was living in Brazil, working on a development project with a small farming co-operative for other products. During my time there, I came to know coffee and its importance, not only as a crop but as a culture. Being Italian, coffee is a ritual that?s in every house and on every corner – it?s something to which you can?t say no ? and so it was fascinating to look harder at its cultural history and how it connects not just people, but also countries. I?ve been working in coffee ever since.

What is your first coffee memory?
It?s not one memory as such, but it?s of the ritual of brewing coffee in a moka pot; that moment when it?s ready and the sound and smell fills the kitchen at the same time.

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